Paulo Roberto Leal (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1946 - idem 1991). Artist, graphic artist, curator. A central bank employee since 1967, Paulo's first visual programming work was in 1969, when he produced catalogs for art exhibits in Rio de Janeiro. That same year, he met the neo-concretist Osmar Dillon. In the 1970s, be began experimenting with materials related to his work at the Central Bank, such as spools of paper. He taught a course on creativity with paper at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro (MAM-RJ) and received an award at the 11th International Biennial in São Paulo in 1971. The following year, he represented Brazil at the 36th Biennial in Venice, together with Franz Weissmann and Humberto Espíndola. Olívio Tavares de Araújo made a film on his work in 1977 for his exhibition O Gesto Criador [The Creative Gesture]. He worked as curator of the Central Bank's Museu de Valores until 1980. In 1984, together with Marcus de Lontra Costa e Sandra Magger, he curated the exhibition Como Vai Você, Geração 80? [How Are You Doing, 80s Generation?] at the Parque Lage School of Visual Arts in Rio de Janeiro. In 1995, the PRL Iconographic and Textual Reference Center was created at MAM-RJ, with the documentation left by the artist in the care of Armando Mattos. In 2000, the exhibition Projeto Concreto/PRL [Concrete Project] took place at the Light Cultural Center in Rio de Janeiro and, in 2007, 102 of his works were brought together in the show Da Matéria Nasce a Forma [Form Arises from Material] at the Museum of Contemporary Art [MAC] in Niterói, state of Rio de Janeiro.


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1972 - 102x102cm - Armagem Mód. 17 - acrylic on folded paper
Photo: Jaime Acioli