Arthur Luiz Piza (São Paulo, Brazil 1928). Engraver, designer and sculptor. Arthur began his artistic training in 1943, studying painting and fresco with Antonio Gomide (1895 – 1967). After participating in the 1st International Biennial in São Paulo in 1951, he traveled to Europe and began residing in Paris. He worked at the atelier of Johnny Friedlaender (1912 – 1992) and perfected his skills in various metal engraving and etching techniques. In 1953, he participated in the 2nd International Biennial in São Paulo and was awarded the acquisition prize. At the 5th Biennial, in 1959, he was awarded the National Grand Prize in engraving. During this time, he began to do reliefs, perforating his watercolors and using the fragments, gluing them on canvas, paper, copper and wood. Later, he created reliefs of metal on sisal and produced large-scale, three-dimensional works and porcelain and gold objects. He illustrated various books for boutique publishers. At the end of the 1980s, he created a three-dimensional mural for the French Cultural Center in Damascus, Syria. In 2002, two broad retrospectives of his work were shown at the Pinacoteca of the State of São Paulo and at the Ado Malagoli Museum of Art in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul.


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2012 - variable dimensions - Elements in space - acrylic on metal plate
Photo: Jaime Acioli