Rubem Mauro Cardoso Ludolf (Maceió, AL, Brazil 1932 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2010). Rubem obtained a degree in Architecture, and then studied painting with Ivan Serpa at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro. In the mid-1950s, he joined the Grupo Frente [Front Group], and participated in their exhibitions, as well as in the Exhibition of Concrete Art in São Paulo, in 1956, and in various Biennials in São Paulo. Some of his more important individual exhibitions were: Galeria IBEU (1959 and 1965), Galeria Bonino (1973), the Rio de Janeiro Business Center Art Gallery (1987), Paço Imperial (1998) and the National Fine Arts Museum (2002). In 2010, a broad exhibition of his works was held at the Caixa Cultural center in Rio de Janeiro, curated by Luiz Eduardo Meira de Vasconcellos, and the catalog Rubem Ludolf: obra reunida was published.


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1960 - 60x60cm - untitled - oil on canvas
Photo: Jaime Acioli