Gustavo Rebello Arte

Located at the emblematic address of the Copacabana Palace Hotel since 2009, Gustavo Rebello Arte could not be in a more propitious place to house a collection of modern and contemporary art.

Gustavo has been involved in the Brazilian art market since adolescence. With thirty years of experience as an art dealer and art consultant, he as advised on and helped to form important private collections. "I attended many auctions before daring to make a bid. The arts always fascinated me. Little by little, I realized I could turn this passion into a business."

In the gallery, visitors will find a predominance of abstract works by important artists like Lygia Clark, Helio Oiticica, Ivan Serpa, Aloisio Carvão, Ubi Bava, Arthur Piza, Paulo Roberto Leal and Flavio-Shiró. The gallery's mission is to provide specialized assistance in the formation and management of collections for an increasingly voracious, complex market.

Gustavo is a tireless researcher and seeks to arm his client with information. "One must be sensitive in order to understand and respect individual preferences, the client's tastes, but take great care to avoid letting the purchaser commit assessment errors."

In the arts, contrary to what happens with other investments, the purchaser normally acts on his own, without the necessary specialized assistance. He usually begins with a very personalized assumption. Acting on impulse, he lets himself be influenced by aesthetics and wants to own the works of the hot artists. Knowing an artist's background, his involvement in a proposed movement, and other innumerable subtle details that determine the value of a work are crucial.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: noon to 8 pm.

Photo: Romulo Fialdini